Silêncio da Luz

Silêncio da Luz has been created in memory of our daughter who came into the world silently, turning our dreams into a difficult reality to sustain. It was May when Luiza could not be born because she was a stillborn.

If you arrived at this site it is likely you are a person (or know someone) who lost a baby before birth (stillbirth) or shortly after birth (neonatal death). At this time, you look for a support to your pain and, especially, to understand this difficult time, when the death of a baby is announced.

We know that a child announces its existence long before the birth. He or she is expected with projects and expectations from parents, relatives and friends. Thus, it is difficult to understand death when the opposite (birth) was expected.

We can not fix or live for you the painful experience that you are going through. But we know, from experience, that it helps a lot to feel understood and supported in this moment. It is important to have a place to make questions, or simply a place where you can share your feelings with someone who can give you a help to continue making small steps and rebuild you life.

Soon after the death of our baby, we were given information about Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity), which offered help by phone, leaflets and self help group. At that time, we were living in England and away from our families. When we came back to live in Brazil, we realized that there isn’t help, or even support, for parents and families who experience the loss of their babies. The Brazilian Health System provides only the physical recovery. So, the woman is discharged from the hospital despite being in mourning for her lost. There is a clear lack of humane care protocol by hospitals and health centers.

We propose to gather information to this site with the help of organizations in England (Sands) and Spain (Umamanita), testimony of parents, and researches related to this theme.

Finally, we have two objectives. The first one is to help you, who is coming to this site in search of help for having a child stillborn or died shortly after birth. The second objective is to sensitize health professionals how necessary is to develop a general protocol to meet these families humanized.

Kind regards

Marcia & Luiz